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What is Toastmasters?

How Toastmasters Can Help You

Your success in business is based on how effective you are. Through participation in the Toastmasters program, people from all backgrounds learn to effectively speak, conduct meetings, manage a department or business, lead, delegate and motivate.

How Toastmasters Works

  • As your improved communication skills become obvious within the workplace, increased visibility, recognition and promotion will follow.
  • Your improved presentation skills will win you the respect and admiration of your colleagues and employees—and make them wonder what you did to change!
  • Leadership skills acquired through participation in Toastmasters will increase your management potential.
  • You will acquire an increased ability to motivate and persuade, making you more effective as a supervisor or manager.
  • You’ll have access to a wide range of educational materials, including books, CDs, DVDs and seminar programs, available at reduced cost through the Toastmasters International Supply Catalog.

How Toastmasters Meets Your Needs

  • Toastmasters International uses time-tested programs that are continually updated to meet participants’ needs.
  • Self-paced programs allow you to progress as rapidly or as gradually as your needs dictate.
  • The hands-on Competent Communication and Competent Leadership programs provide the “how-to” and the practical experience so critical to progress.
  • Toastmasters clubs meet at various locations in the morning, at noon and in the evening. You’re sure to find a club that fits your schedule.
  • The Toastmasters program is cost-effective, especially when compared to seminars charging hundreds of dollars per day.
  • There is a U.S. $20 new member fee and $59 dues every six months. Clubs may also assess local dues to cover local expenses.
  • An atmosphere of professional camaraderie makes your Toastmasters club a unique learning environment—informal, yet dedicated to learning.
  • The Toastmasters program can be tailored to meet your personal objectives. Whether you want improvement in prepared or impromptu speaking or greater skill in the use of visual aids, you’ll gain experience and knowledge.

How the Program Works

  • The Toastmasters program exposes each participant to a wide range of communication and leadership experiences.
  • Each new member receives a New Member Kit which includes the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals, general orientation materials, and helpful booklets on evaluation, using gestures and vocal variety.
  • If you want to focus on improving your speaking skills, you’ll want to work in the Competent Communication manual. If you prefer to develop your leadership skills first, you may work in the Competent Leadership manual. Or you may work in both manuals at the same time. The choice is yours.
  • Each of the projects in the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals focuses on developing a specific speaking or leadership skill.
  • After completing each project in the manuals, you’ll receive a constructive evaluation that will recognize your strengths and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in the advanced communication and advanced leadership programs, where you can further refine your communication and leadership skills. The advanced communication program features 15 manuals on such topics as public relations, management and technical presentations. The advanced leadership program gives you the opportunity to serve in leadership positions at the club and district levels, where you learn how to motivate and lead others to achieve goals.

Company Benefits

A company’s success also depends on communication. Employees face an endless exchange of ideas, messages, and information as they deal with one another and with customers day after day. How well they communicate can determine whether a company quickly grows into an industry leader or joins thousands of other businesses mired in mediocrity.

Toastmasters provides the tools that enable employees to become effective communicators and leaders all at a very low cost. Toastmasters training helps employees:

  • give better sales presentations hone their management skills work better with fellow employees effectively develop and present ideas offer constructive criticism
  • accept criticism more objectively

Toastmasters produces results. Around the world more than three million men and women of all ages and occupations have benefited from Toastmasters training, and more than one thousand corporations, community groups, universities, associations, and government agencies now use Toastmasters training.

Community Benefits

Toastmasters has helped many members in their community service activities. Using the speaking and leadership skills developed in Toastmasters, people have become more active in business, churches, and service and charity organizations. Toastmasters members are able to organize activities, conduct meetings, and speak in public as their organization’s representative. Some even become active in local, state or national government.